The Need for Extreme Voices

In March 2020, when the lockdowns began, I told everyone in my family, “There is no way Americans will put up with this overreach for very long.” I imagined that people across the country would demand, even fight, for their blood-bought freedoms within weeks, a month at the most.

I was wrong.

When others would opine that the rest of 2020 would look just like March and April, I’d laugh at their lack of understanding of their fellow citizens. It’s clear to me now that I was the one who didn’t have my finger on the pulse of America. I thought she was still the pull-herself-up-by-her-bootstraps, take-no-BS kind of gal.

Again, I was so very wrong.

I sit here even now and shake my head in disbelief as I think about all that Americans not only put up with but what many even fought for and for so long. The lockdowns, the masks, the layoffs, businesses closing, double masks, nasal swabs, anal swabs, vaccines, and even vaccine passports. What happened to the land of the free and the home of the brave? America gave up nearly every ounce of her freedom for a false security.

I imagine that the rest of the world expected so much more from us. That proud, strong, grit with grace persona portrayed in old westerns was what the world expected to see from America. But years of brainwashing and indoctrination at the hands of the elites through the education system, Hollywood, and mainstream media have completely changed the average American. Even people I knew who in the past had taken a stand against the establishment were unwittingly backing the very people they claimed to despise.

It seems to me that the globalists – those with power and wealth who desire the new world order (one-world government, and a one-world religion) – have over the years used extreme voices to shift the thoughts and beliefs of the masses to closer identify with their plans for America.

This is their way of moving the needle. When an extreme voice is first heard, it often suggests something completely shocking and unthinkable. It fractures our thought process and gets people talking. The crazier the statement the more people you’ll find talking about it. Slowly but surely, the suggestion becomes more mainstream. The globalists are playing the long game you see. The goal is to get people talking about a taboo subject and get them to consider that society’s long-held belief about the subject is antiquated. Then force them to accept that there may be a different way and suddenly the original shocking suggestion doesn’t seem so inconceivable anymore.

This is the way every one of their deceptions takes root.

The Church needs to counter the world’s lies. But how? With extreme voices of our own. Those who are willing to speak God’s shocking truth. But where are the church’s spokespeople? Where are our prophets? Where are the voices that stand against the world’s ways to stand for God’s truth? Why are there so few in the church who are willing to be hated, even canceled? Didn’t Jesus tell us that if the world hated Him it would hate us too?

Somewhere along the way, Christ-followers forgot this.

Jesus never commanded us to do whatever it takes to make the world like us, think highly of us, or get along with us. The world’s hate is a badge of honor to the Christ-follower who loves not the world and obeys God over man. For a Christian, if the world honors you, you’re most likely doing it wrong.

Listen, the extreme voices of the world have been on their soapbox for far too long and they’ve moved the needle too far from God’s eternal truth. Morality is said to be old-fashioned according to these voices. Extreme voices have convinced people that gender is fluid and everyone, even little kids, should be able to choose regardless of what gender God made them. Extreme voices have found a way to make killing a baby in its mother’s womb be considered healthcare and a normal medical procedure! Extreme voices have convinced people inside the church that someone can be deeply entrenched in sin to the point of identifying as their sin and still be a follower of Christ.

It’s time for people who believe the Word of God and live God’s way to find their voice and speak up. If you believe that the Bible is the truth and should be obeyed, your voice will be considered extreme in a world that hates truth. If speaking up scares you, at the very least, encourage one who speaks the truth and who doesn’t fear man. Don’t avoid or talk badly about the extreme Biblical voices that God is bringing onto the scene even now. Know that the extreme is needed more than ever. America and the world need a huge swing of the needle back toward God and his truth.

It’s going to take strong, God-loving, Bible-believing voices to make this happen.

It is imperative we make the choice to either support them or be one!

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